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Windows For Workgroups 3.11

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The Legacy PC Project

A Guide to Installing MS-DOS and Windows 3.11 For Workgroups on a Legacy PC

Everything You Need to Create a DOS and Windows For Workgroups Legacy PC

I have assembled a package which you can download which will allow you to have Sound, Network, and CD ROM in your Windows For Workgroups 3.11 Virtual Machine.  I also have found a copy of Netscape 4.0 which will work with Windows 3.11.  This link is at the bottom of the page.

Download the Zip File which contains five folders here. Windows 3.11

Setup Instructions

Once you have setup your Windows 3.11, or Windows For Work Groups virtual machine, download my package to your host machine, and unzip the folders.



First you should install the Dos Idle program which is recommended in the VMware instructions for setting up DOS and Windows 3.11.  This program will emulate your processor into 16-bit mode. To Do this, copy the DOSIDLE.EXE  file to a floppy disk.  Then start your virtual machine.  Insert the floppy into the drive, and from the C:\ prompt type: COPY A:\DOSIDLE.EXE C:
Then you must edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to load the DOSIDLE.EXE FILE.  At the C:\ prompt type
EDIT AUTOEXEC.BAT.  Place the line C:\DOSIDLE.EXE in the AUTOEXEC.BAT and then save, then exit.  Reboot the virtual machine and the DOSIDLE.EXE program will load each time you start.


CD ROM Installation

Copy the AOATAPI.SYS file to a floppy disk.  Start your virtual machine.  Insert the disk, and then type
Then you must edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files.
At the C:\ command prompt type
EDIT AUTOEXEC.BAT.  Place the line c:\dos\mscdex.exe /d:idecd000
in the autoexec.bat and save, then exit.
At the C:\ prompt type
EDIT CONFIG.SYS.  Place the line device=c:\aoatapi.sys /d:idecd000 in the config.sys and then save, then exit.
Restart the machine and go into windows.  Open the file manager and now you will see Drive D for the CD ROM.

Note:  If you want to start Windows automatically when you boot, place the line C:\windows\win in the autoexec.bat file.

Network Installation

When you install Windows for Workgroups install the Microsoft Network.
From the Windows3.11NetworkDRV folder copy the DosNetDRV and WindowsNetDRV folders to a floppy.  Then copy all the files from the TCPIP folder to another floppy.
Start your Windows virtual machine .
Open the Network Setup Group.  If there is a network adapter listed, remove it.  Click Drivers.  Add Adapter.
Select Unlisted or Updated Network Adapter from the list.  Click OK.  Place the disk with the WindowsNetDRV and DosNetDRV folders in the floppy.  Browse to WindowsNetDRV folder and click ok.  Then it will ask for another driver.  Browse to the DosNetDrV folder and click OK.

Now you have to add the TCP/IP protocol to be able to get on the internet.

Open the network setup group again, click drivers, and click Add Protocol.  Put the disk in that contains the TCP/IP folder.  From the list choose, Unlisted or Updated Protocol. Click OK and browse to the TCP/IP folder on the floppy.  Click OK, and the protocol will install.

Now you should restart Windows.

I am using a cable modem and the following directions are used to setup the network to work with that type of connection.  If you have a different type of network you will have to experiment with the TCP/IP settings.

On your host machine open a command prompt and type: ipconfig/all .  Record your IP Address, Subset Mask, and Default Gateway.

Now open your Windows Virtual machine and go to the network setup.  Click on TCP/IP and choose Setup.
Enter an IP address.  Example:  If your host machine's IP address is then enter in your virtual machine.  You may have to change the last number until you get it to work.  Enter the same Subset Mask and Default Gateway as your host machine.


Sound Card Installation

If VMware is running shut it down.  On your host machine go to My Documents, My Virtual Machines, MS-DOS (Or the name of your Windows 3.11 Machine), and find the file MS-DOS.vmx.  Right click on the file and choose open with notepad.

Find the line that says Sound.VirtualDev = "  " and replace it with Sound.VirtualDev = "sb16" . Now Click save,  and the close.

Copy the files from the Sound Blaster 16 folder to a floppy disk.  Start VMware and start your Windows 3.11 virtual machine.

Shut down Windows to a C:\ prompt.  Insert the floppy, change to the A: drive, then type install.

Accept all of the defaults in the installation.

Now you can start windows with sound.

The wave sounds work but I haven't been able to get MIDI working yet.

I have been able to play some of my old DOS games such as Doom 2.

  If you would like to add Video For Windows to your virtual machine Click Here to download it, then copy to a floppy disk and install it from your Windows 3.11 Virtual Machine.



 You can go here to The Netscape Browser Archive which has Netscape Browsers you can download for every operating system.

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